Misty Mason Gives Up Tight Little Butt

From Heatwave Pass

Starring Misty Mason, Dick Tracy

Tags Anal Sex, Facial Cumshots, Hardcore

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Added September 16 2014

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If you like your girls submissive, you'll definitely adore redhead dark teen Misty Mason! She is chilling on the sofa when she is stirredby the arrival of evil wizard Wang Tracy, who immediately brings her under his spell. With little prelude, Misty is soon stark naked, jiggling her firm little body on Wang's rock hard white meatstick. Misty is an extremely petite young diva, and that enormous shaft looks oversize as it slides into her nano shaved vag! She bends over face first on the sofa, sticking out her wee ass and submissively allowing Dickhead to do whatever he requires with her; so of course, he gives her a hard core sodomizing!

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