Dude Fucks Massive Fatty And Tiny Midget

From Midget Porn Pass

Starring Anna Paige, Daysha, Burke

Tags Orgy, Blowjobs, Cum on Back, Fingering, Handjobs, Hardcore, Oral Sex

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Added September 19 2014

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Burke, the dirtyfucker, likes his sex strange and dirty! He is joined in this clip by a huge BBW and a tiny midget for the best of both worlds, at either end of the spectrum of female weights and body shapes! He begins lying on the ground being ridden by Anna Paige, whose massive bulk threatens to crush him. Later, he fucks the little midget Daysha as well, and you've got to expect that that tiny cunt has got to be a hell of a lot tighter than that flabby vagina. Both girls get a good pounding and then Burke whips his cock out of the BBW at the end to spray her generous flabby buttocks with his juicy load.

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