Nina Hartley Gets Spunked On Her Boobs

From Heatwave Pass

Starring Nina Hartley, Frank Towers

Tags Blowjobs, Cum on Tits, Hardcore, Oral Sex

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Added July 22 1995

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There is some extensive oral sex to kick off this outdoor scene featuring classic blond porn babe Nina Hartley and stud Frank Towers. The horny couple, who are sunbathing in their swimsuits, spend at least the first half of the video orally pleasuring each other. Frank gets his cock sucked during a bout of sterling blow job action from Nina, and then Nina bends over at the waist, exposing her shaved pussy to her man for a good tonguing. Of course, with the ass hole right there next to that clean, tasty pussy, Frank gives it a good licking as well! He finishes his girl off with a deep bout of doggystyle fucking before he cums on her tits.

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