Chelsea Zinn Deepthroating MILF

From Heatwave Pass

Starring Chelsea Zinn, Johny Zinn

Tags Anal Sex, Ass To Mouth, Blowjobs, Cum Swallowing, Fingering, Hardcore, Sex Toys

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Added June 23 2014

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Chelsea Zinn might not be the hottest MILF around, but she doesn't need to be because she has one truly special skill - she can deepthroat any size dick and not choke once. Johny Zinn is going to put this to the test as he rams his massive dick right down his housewife's throat. It turns out that she has no problem taking it and wants more and more. She's almost sucking his balls down her throat with the rest of him and that turns him on like nothing else. He's riding her to completion not long after that.

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