Adina Jewel Gorgeous Black Escort

From Heatwave Pass

Starring Adina Jewel, Dave Hardman

Tags Anal Sex, Blowjobs, Cum Swallowing, Facial Cumshots, Fingering, Handjobs, Hardcore

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Added September 15 2013

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Adina Jewel might be a hooker at heart, but she's gorgeous enough that you would just love to have her on your arm wherever you go. She's also the type of chick who is very forthright and speaks her mind. Dave Hardman is getting a stiffy just looking at her, as her pussy is almost visible under her super tight, blue party dress. She knows just how to entice him, although judging by the look on her face once she sees the size of his dick she's rather well satisfied at what she's getting to fuck for the cash.

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