Black Girl On Girl Dildo Vibrator Fuck

From Heatwave Pass

Starring Bronze, Caramel, Diana DeVoe

Tags Fingering, Girl On Girl, Oral Sex, Sex Toys

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Added December 12 2013

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Black beauty Caramel is ready for a good time with her friend. These ebony sweethearts go at it hard core too. They each play with their tits and grind all over each other. These kittens purr all over each other and then strip each other out of their clothes. They lick each other's clits and massage their snatches. Legs are spread wide apart and they just keep on licking each other's eager beavers. Finger fucking in turn has got them both screaming with pleasure. Add a vibrator and dildo and the wetness is just gushing. They get into various positions with each other until both are ready to climax from fucking the strap on.

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